1960's Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Cars and Coffee season usually only lasts while the sun is out and summer is still in full force, but every once in a while somebody brings out something special right at the end of the car show season.

This past weekend at a local Cars & Coffee this stunning Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider came out.

Built between 1954 - 1965 this unique Italian sports car was the predecessor to its much more famous sibling, the Alfa Romeo Spider.

It sported a 1.3L 4 cylinder engine that could produce up to 99 horsepower. Certainly not a blistering number but plenty of pep for this diminutive classic.

The burst of color on the interior brought zest into the car and the gauges and steering wheel all scream classic style and ease.

It's not often you find a gem like this out and about in November. Remember, even on the rainy days, you might just find something pretty neat.