Shop Spotlight: Versionex Auto Body


We automotive enthusiasts love to tinker and modify our rides, but sometimes we don't have the skills, time, or desire to do the modification ourselves, that's where shops come in. Thankfully here in the Pacific North West we have some of the greatest shops around and Versionex Auto Body is one of the best. They are experts at not just repairing your car to working order, but in turning your ideas and dreams into reality.

Versionex Auto Body opened its doors in mid 2014 and since then has served as Eugene, Oregon's premier automotive customization shop. Specializing in vehicle customization, vehicle wraps, and detailing, shop owner Devhin Hansen takes pride in every car that goes through his shop. If it's not perfect, it's not done yet. This level of meticulousness is reflected in his own personal vehicles. You might just recognize his S13 from this video and his S14 is quite the head turner.

Devhin also takes pride on engaging with the local automotive community. He routinely hosts large meets during the summer at which many of the hottest local rides come out to show off. The meets bring all forms of enthusiasts out.

The passion and dedication that the folks at Versionex bring to the automotive community is not only helping to make their customer's dreams become reality, but is also pushing the Eugene car scene to new heights.

If you're looking to modify your ride, and want a little help from the professionals, then look no further. Devhin and his team can help.

You can find Versionex on their website

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