Sophia Flörsch Suffers Fractured Spine After Massive Macau Crash


The 2018 FIA Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix was red flagged only 4 laps into the race due to  a massive crash at Lisboa Corner. Sophia Flörsch’s Van Amersfoort Racing car went flying at over 170mph through the catch fence at Lisboa corner slamming into a photographers bunker and injuring five people including herself.

Brake failure caused by contact with the other car is reportedly what caused Flörsch to approach the corner at such speed. Her front suspension was apparently smashed on the contact with another car and rendered the brakes useless. The drivers are at full speed down the straight leading into the braking zone for Lisboa. Flörsch after losing control clipped Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi before launching into the air and through the catch fence.

This morning we have learned that all five people involved are ok and are now on the mend.

The organizing committee’s chief medical officer Chan Wai-sin said Flörsch had symptoms of back pain. A medical report diagnosed her with a “spinal fracture” but said her vital signs were stable. Fellow driver Sho Tsuboi was diagnosed with lumbar pain.

Flörsch tweeted out stating that she was ok, but is now awaiting to undergo surgery.

The medical reports said the marshal, Chan Cha-in, had a laceration of the face, an abrasion of the upper abdomen wall and a right maxillary bone fracture, but no neurological deficiency.

Japanese photographer Minami Hiroyuki had a concussion, the medical reports said, while local photographer Chan Weng-wang had upper abdomen pain caused by a liver laceration.

A look inside the photographer bunker shows the damage the hit did.

Many have reached out to offer their support including Formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

We have to agree with Jenson on this one. It could have been so much worse. We are happy that everyone involved is alright and we wish them a speedy recovery.