TakeoverNW Time Attack Shootout

Oregon Raceway Park is known as one of the most technical and challenging tracks on the west coast which made it the perfect setting for TakeoverNW and the Time Attack Shootout. With soaring temperatures, off camber corners, and the desire to win, drivers pushed both their tires and themselves to the absolute limit.

Saturday saw many of the Time Attack drivers playing around with set up changes and working on dialing in both the cars and their chosen racing line. Although it was more of an HPDE day than a Time Attack session, many drivers still found the limits of the track and took an excursion through the dirt.

When all four wheels stayed on track the lap times were blistering. Several drivers were already dipping below 2:00 and were slowing finding more areas for improvement on track.

By the end of the day confidence was high for a few of the drivers on the grid, but nothing is ever set in stone and the missing of one apex, or the minute difference in a braking point, could be the difference between winning and losing on Sunday. The concentration could be seen on their faces.

Sunday morning broke under a hazy sky and the sound of Tom Burgess firing up his Alfa Romeo 4C. With large aero, and a fearless driver behind the wheel, Tom was looking like a force to be reckoned with.

Tom wasn't the only one looking to get an early start however. Andy Hsiao in his VQ Swapped S14.5, Clive Massee in his Mitsubishi Evo X, and Karl Taht in his Volkswagen GTI were all also up early, eager to get out on track. Racing slicks were of course in order for all four drivers.

The rest of the field of course wasn't going to just sit back and take it easy. Every driver was prepared to risk it all to take the top spot. The first session of the day saw blistering lap times with several drivers running sub 2:00.

As times continued to tumble some drivers found that they were pushing a bit too hard. Andy Hsiao had an off track excursion that resulted in his bumper going from one piece to six. The resulting loss of front end aerodynamics cost him a full second per lap leaving him with his time of 1:56012 as his fastest lap.

As the timed sessions came to an end and the dust settled one man stood ahead of everyone else. Tom Burgess in his Alfa Romeo 4C set the fastest Rear Wheel Drive lap time as well as the fastest time overall with his lap of 1:53.730; just over 2 seconds clear of the nearest challenger.

Clive Massee in his Massee Farms Tuning Mitsubishi Evo X beat out a tough line up of competition to take home the fastest All Wheel Drive lap time with his lap of 1:55.921.

Karl Taht also faced stiff competition but at the end found himself on top of the Front Wheel Drive leader board with his time of 1:59.624.

The TakeoverNW 2018 Time Attack Shootout was one for the ages and left every driver itching for more. The preparations for next year's shootout begins now.

More photos of the full event can be foundhere.