Where Has Time Attack Hack Been?

I started Time Attack Hack just over two years ago as a platform on which I could share the rad cars and stories that I came across. I had some growing pains and lost all of my website content twice due to server hosting issues, but I still persisted and continued to build and grow TAH along with the help of several of my friends. In December of 2018 I found myself in a bit of a rut however.

I found myself under the pressure to produce content. Regardless of how good it was. I had become stuck in a posting schedule demand that I simply couldn’t keep up with running the site on my own for the most part. I wasn’t happy with the content or quality that I was producing. So I simply stopped posting. Stopped posting on the site, stopped posting on the Instagram, stopped brainstorming ideas, just stopped dead. I was lost. I felt like I had lost my direction and the site was going in a direction that I was not happy with and that I don’t think you the reader were happy with either. So it was certainly time to take a step back and assess.

Fast forward to now. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have built an entirely new website. I was unhappy with my former CMS and the look and feel just weren’t what I was wanting. It felt bland, stale, and uninspired. So welcome to the new site! I hope you like the new look and feel! I’ll of course be continuing to improve the site as time goes on as well so no worries there. Now this brings me to how this new site, and the break from producing content, reflect a larger change in the content and direction of Time Attack Hack as a brand.

Don’t worry, we will still be striving to bring you the absolute best in automotive content, however, we will not be posting as frequently. Unfortunately, myself, and my friends who help me to run the site all do this in our spare time, and sometimes life just gets in the way a little bit. Moving houses, engagements, job changes, etc. It happens to the best of us. So. TAH. What is its future. Quality. We are refocusing ourselves and committing to bring you a higher quality of work than we have in the past.

So that means, more individual features. More event coverage, but with it being better curated into a more editorial format, less (if not zero) news type content. I really have fun writing the news articles, but as of late, I have been feeling that its just white noise content. Its not serving the value to you our readers, or value to the brand direction.

There will probably still be some “around the web” type of content as I do stumble across some pretty neat random stuff online, but our main focus is shifting to bring you the highest quality of editorial, and photographic content that we can.

So with that being said, welcome to the new and improved TAH! As you explore the new site you’ll see some of our old work has been moved here, but believe me, you’re going to want to see what we having coming. Stay tuned to our Instagram page for more frequent updates on what we’re up to, and the new style of content that we are going to be bring to you, our valued fans and readers. Without you, we’d just be talking to ourselves here.

Thank you.

Dakota Snow Editor in Chief