Licensing & PHoto Usage Faq’s

Hi there! As i’m sure you are aware photography takes a lot of work! From the time and effort put in while shooting and editing, to the money that we photographers put towards our equipment and traveling to locations. We do this because it is our passion and we truly love what we do. We have an emotional attachment to the work that we produce. Continuing to pursue our passion for creating art through the lens of our cameras does come at a cost though.

This brings me to the reason you are seeing this page. The licensing of my photographs for your own commercial use. Are you a for profit company? Do you wish to use my images as part of your social media marketing strategy? Want to be able to put your branding on my photos or modify them to better suit your advertising needs? Well then here is how you can license my photographs for your own use.

Here are my rates:

Licensing for use on Social Media: $200 per photo 

This will allow you commercial use of my photographs on your social media channels. Credit must be given, and the photo must remain unaltered from its original state and be devoid of branding marks on the photo itself.


Licensing for full rights usage: $500 per photo

This will allow you commercial use of my photographs in any marketing and advertising manner. Credit need not be given. The photo can be altered in any manner to suit desired advertising outcomes. Note: Under the full rights usage license I will still retain ownership of the photograph as my intellectual property. You are only licensing the use of it from me. Not ownership of the photo.

Full rights Purchasing of Photos:

I do sell the full intellectual property rights to my photos if you are interested. Pricing in this situation is variable and I ask that you please contact me if this is something you or your company is interested in.


I accept payment via Venmo and PayPal.

Venmo: @DaksAhoy



Do you still have further questions about why I am requesting payment or questions around Intellectual Copyright? Here are some FAQs!

What is copyright and when does copyright come into effect for creative works?

Copyright is an exclusive right that is automatically assigned to the creator at the moment the work is created.  It is defined as  “a person’s exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell his or her original work of authorship”.

As a photographer, this means that the moment you capture an image, the copyright to that image belongs to you. The only exception to this is when you have a specific legal arrangement to take the photographs for somebody else (under a work for hire arrangement for example), but this must exist in advance or else a legally binding document must be created that transfers the copyright from the photographer, once they have captured the images.

What happens to copyright when an image is published on social media, a website or print?

When you’re using Social Media, it is very important to read the terms and conditions. Most people are surprised to learn that posting to a Social Media site such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter grants those platforms some license to use the image.

However, these terms of service might give the host site a certain set of permissions, but images on social media hold the same copyright as other images – and these permissions do not extend to third parties.

To give an example, a company can’t take an image from someone’s Facebook account, and claim that in posting to Facebook, the photographer issued a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the content.

In all instances, unless a license has been provided or obtained for the use of the image by the copyright holder, publishing on social media, a website or print could constitute a copyright infringement.

What is copyright infringement?

A copyright infringement occurs when an image is used without permission or license from the person who created it. It also occurs when the terms of the license for use are not properly adhered to.


Thank you for your professionalism!

I always love to meet and work with fellow creators and photographers so please reach out to me!

Dakota Snow - Time Attack Hack Founder & Editor In Chief

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